Functional Movement
for All Bodies

Driven by Afrobeats & Designed
to Improve Functional Strength & Mobility

Welcome to MSINGI

MSINGI is an inclusive movement practice designed to improve functional strength
and primal mobility. It is inspired by the elements of earth, wind and fire and driven by Afrobeats.
We offer MSINGI Master Trainer Certification for instructors and licenses for fitness clubs and studios.
Join us to become an MSINGI Master Trainer and be the future of fitness.

Experience Judgment Free Movement

We understand that our clients are at various stages of their lives and have different health and fitness goals. We believe it’s important to recognize and embrace these differences and gather together as a community to work on moving, thinking and feeling better.

The practice of MSINGI has been created with that spirit in mind and it represents a WORK-ON rather than a WORKOUT.
Our goal is to get more people moving without feeling judged or intimidated. We offer a safe and judgment-free movement practice to our clients regardless of their age, fitness level or body type.

MSINGI movements are inspired by the animals and landscape of Maasai Mara in east Africa. The practice includes varying levels of intensities to suit the needs of a wide audience and the intensities depend on three different elements of nature- Earth, Wind and Fire.
MSINGI combines 33 different movements to create a fun, collaborative movement practice for all participants.

Our mantra is “smile inwardly, smile outwardly” for a better you, community and planet.

Our Philosophy

Msingi means base or foundational in Swahili and is an inclusive movement practice inspired by the elements of earth, wind & fire.

 We embrace diversity and body positivity: all athletes are always welcome here.

Our Trainers

Our Master trainers are certified fitness leaders and movement educators from various disciplines such as group fitness, personal training, health promotion, sports & recreation, Pilates/yoga, performance dance, or various forms of physical therapy.  Our trainers are passionate about fitness and dedicated to helping our members reach their goals. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every session and are committed to keeping you motivated and engaged.


Loved the course 🙂

“I loved the course. It’s added more diversity to my teaching; it’s been giving me additional classes and it has been the beginning of expanding my knowledge on primal movements. Members feel amazing.”

Nicole – 2024-02-04

Functional Move…

“What intrigues me about Msingi is that, these are primal & functional movements. You can never go wrong with moving the way your body was intended to move. I have also added this to my workout plan.”

Monita – 2024-02-04

Increased Mobility

“The moves are easy, simple & functional. They strengthen not only our major muscle groups but also increase our mobility so that we can perform our daily tasks and athletic movements with ease!”

Pinky – 2024-02-04